Darrell Lea USA and Export



The Rite Bite group has a dedicated team focussed on export markets and our brands can be found across the world.  With a core focus on licorice, both RJ’s and Darrell Lea are leading brands within the US, Canada and the UK and have been for over a decade.  There remains significant international potential for our brands and in 2018 the business incorporated our first offshore team for the US market.  As of today, the Rite Bite group has a team of sales and marketing experts located throughout the US focussing on accelerating business growth in the most advanced confectionery market in the world.

Our position as the global experts in licorice also creates opportunities outside of our branded propositions.  We have lengthy partnerships with a wide portfolio of leading retailers on own label business and are steadily growing this to capture our overall manufacturing expertise outside of licorice.

In 2019 it will launch Darrell Lea Real Twists, a better for you offer with a taste and texture profile to challenge a tired, but massive market incumbent, Hershey Twizzzlers.

We continue to look at opportunities outside our core export markets and welcome submissions for either branded distribution or else own label manufacture.