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Decades creating the finest

From humble beginnings selling chocolates from a pushcart, and later to a small factory under the first arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darrell Lea has spent decades creating the finest chocolates and some of Australia’s favourite confectionery.

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Most recognised confectionery companies

One of the country’s most recognised confectionery companies, the Darrell Lea brand is known by an impressive 82% of Australians – and since its purchase by Quadrant in 2012, its growth has reached new heights.

  • Licorice is now one of the fastest-growing categories in the market
  • Darrell Lea Bullets is reaching megabrand status, with over 1 billion made each year
  • Darrell Lea’s seasonal gifting business is doubling
  • Collaboration with Chobani has seen the brand enter the yoghurt category, featuring in their delicious “mix-ins” range, while a partnership with Bennett Street Dairy features their White Chocolate and Raspberry Bullets in an iconic cookie dough product
  • Every Easter, Darrell Lea’s much-loved milk chocolate Bilby raises $180,000 for the Save the Bilby fund, helping to conserve and protect this native Australian animal
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Most dynamic confectionery company

As the most dynamic confectionery company in Australia, Darrell Lea continues to lead the market and delight the tastebuds of consumers across the nation.

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