The RiteBite Group was established in 2019 with one main goal – to be Australia’s leading, modern snacking company.

We are proud to be the only company to offer a portfolio of entirely Australian-owned brands and products, ranging from premium health snacks to purely indulgent confectionery.

Born from a passion to produce Australia’s most loved confectionery products, our extensive history and experience with Darrell Lea, as well as other iconic and truly Aussie products, inspired us to expand our ‘box of treats’ and offer a wider range of premium quality snacks.

We are committed to ensuring Australians can snack on whatever tickles their taste buds, with a suite of products that serves our nation’s modern snacking habits.

Whether it’s a rich and indulgent chocolaty block of Rocklea Road or a slow dry-roasted nuts & seeds snack – we have a snack for everyone on every occasion.


RiteBite Group have recently acquired eight new brands to add to their portfolio: ThinkFood Munch, The Bar Counter, Well Naturally, SystemaxSmooze, Planet Food and Crispy Fruits.