Darrell Lea Australia



From humble beginnings selling chocolates from a pushcart, and later to a small factory under the first arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darrell Lea has spent decades creating the finest chocolates and some of Australia’s favourite confectionery.

Since the purchase by Quadrant in 2012, growth has been taken to a new level.

Liquorice is now one of the fastest growth categories in the market, Darrell Lea Bullets is reaching megabrand status and a new Masterbrand stripe design is helping Darrell Lea stand out on shelves.

The Darrell Lea seasonal gifting business is doubling as consumers are responding to the reappearance of Australian iconic brands.

Darrell Lea is known by 82% of Australians and best known for its chocolate.

Consumers are demanding a return of Darrell Lea chocolate treats.

We have entered the Ice cream market with our partners Everest along with Muffins with our partners Muffin break.

Darrell Lea is, without doubt, the most dynamic confectionery company in Australia.


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