Power Super Foods



The premier source for the finest organic super foods. 100% organic and Australian owned.

Since 2001, Power Super Foods has been the premier source for the finest organic super foods and is 100% Australian-owned.

Having travelled the globe, we have absorbed ancient wisdom and sourced unique, traditional plants that provide energy and enhance wellbeing. We invite you to experience something new and enjoy adding these healthy traditions to your modern lifestyle.

We specialise in organic, vegan, raw, Low GI, fairly traded, gluten and dairy-free functional foods. Our drive to lead the industry in introducing these unique foods to the Australian marketplace is appreciated by health conscious consumers around the country.

Our premium quality “superfoods” are always free of artificial preservatives or colours, free of synthetic flavourings or additives, and packed here in Australia with love.

Certified organic means they are grown without the application of petrochemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides, and are non-GMO and non-irradiated. The absence of all these elements speaks to the purity of the products. We will continue to introduce more and more intriguing functional foods and products as they come to our attention – helping you meet your nutritional needs deliciously, naturally, and simply.

Sourcing our premium products through partnerships with farming communities around the world and paying a fair price to create economic opportunities among indigenous people in developing countries supports native agricultural traditions and helps to expand the development of good organic farming practices globally.