Well Naturally



Real chocolate, naturally sweetened with Stevia, Not Sugar.

The Well Naturally story began in 2003, in Melbourne, Australia. Sparked by an unpalatable gap in the market for healthier products that taste great, our sights were set on reinventing the future of snacking.

Fast forward to today, and Well Naturally is a market leader, having earnt a reputation for consistently offering high-quality, sugar-reduced products that can be enjoyed without the guilt.

Renowned for our No Sugar Added Chocolate range, we’ve left sugar out and replaced with the sweetness of stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener, for 100% real chocolate without the added sugar and without compromising on taste. Our much-loved chocolate is available in milk and dark varieties in a wide assortment of flavours.

We are proud to be helping Australians reduce their sugar intake and achieve their wellness goals.

The average Australian consumes a staggering 60 grams of sugar per day – the equivalent to 14 teaspoons of white sugar, which is more than double the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of a maximum of 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.