Our simple belief is this – ‘eat something decent and your body will thank you’

High quality, nutritious, uncomplicated products you can trust for yourself and your family.

We believe in nutritious simplicity: offering less choice with more thought. Our product range allows you to free your mind of the overwhelming choice in the knowledge that you have purchased the best for yourself, and those you care for.

So we have 3 simple rules:

Our snacks must be

  1. Legitimately nutritious
  2. Visually appealing
  3. A taste sensation!

The focus is on nuts, fruits, seeds and grains.

Centuries-old recipes, using whole food ingredients, inspired this range of kitchen-crafted, nutritious products.

We believe in the inherent goodness and flavours of natural ingredients, so our recipes are simple; artificial additives and preservatives have no place in our artisan-made snacks.

House-made rice malt binds the ingredients together – not glucose syrup or honey; and the subtle balance of sweetness and salt doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds.