Crispy Fruits



CrispyFruits is the next wave of healthy, pure fruit snacking to help you and your family increase your daily fruit intake.

We select the highest quality, sweetest fruits, peel them, slice them, then freeze dry them at very low temperature and pressure to remove the water. The result is perfectly-preserved 100% fruit that has an amazingly light and crispy texture with all the fruit nutrients locked in.

Used in space by astronauts, freeze dried fruits have a unique range of benefits.

Firstly, space food must be nutritious, easily digestible and tasty. It must also be light, well-packaged, quick to serve, easy to open, leave no waste and be easy to clean up.

CrispyFruits are free from nuts, fat, gluten, dairy, preservatives, sulphur, artificial additives and provide a source of nutrients you’d find in fresh fruit including vitamins, minerals and fibre.